My Parents Had Triplets
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Part 1: The Introduction

Steven and Patricia met at a church function. Seven months later, they got married. They both looked foward to starting a family. A year into their marriage, they had a miscarriage. Six months later, they had another miscarriage.

Two miscarriages led them to seek out In-Vitro fertilization to help start their family. Their faith in God is what guided them along the way. Steven and Patricia Holloway are my parents. "My Parents Had Triplets" is a documentary about their journey and how far they've come. Click the video below to watch Part 1: The Introduction.

Part 2: Finding Out

The Holloways were excited to find out if they were pregnant. Steven and Patricia attended the appointment to get details on the pregnancy. Steven almost fainted when he recieved the news. Having triplets was such a surpise to them because they were told that she had less than a 50% chance to have just one. The chance to have triplets was much lower.

Once they finally got used to the idea of having triplets, they began to prepare to welcome them. However, during the first trimester, the couple recieved disheartening news. One of the triplets was diagnosed with a life threatening condition. It was recommended to terminate the pregnancy. Click the video below to see Part 2: Finding Out.

Part 3: The Delivery

Terminating the pregnancy was not an option for the Holloways. Inspite of the complications, they decided to follow though with the pregnancy. Patricia was monitored by a high risk pregnancy specialist. She attended lots of appointments to get weekly scans of the babies. Patricia was admitted to the hospital at 28 weeks pregnant.

She spent the last six weeks of her pregnancy in the hospital. She was being monitored twice a day so that they could keep up with the babies' heartbeats. Patricia delivered at 34 and a half weeks. Steven and Patricia officially became parents of triplet girls. Click the video below to see Part 3: The Delivery.

Part 4: We Made It

The Holloways indured many challenges. There was the initial challenge of getting pregnant. However, they beat the 1-2% chance to have triplets. Then they were challenged by the birth defect of one of the triplets. Thankfully, they chose not to terminate the pregnancy.

Raising three babies at once was not an easy task. Everything seemed to happen in fast motion. Steven and Patricia were constanly running in three different directions. The girls were full of energy and always dancing. Click the video below to see Part 4: We Made It.

*Bonus Episode* Part 5: Discovering Me (Alissa)

Everybody thinks being a triplet is so cool. Well, it is cool...but what people don't know, is that being a triplet has had some negative effects on my mental health. Pretty much all my life, I felt like I didn't have my own identity. I felt overlooked. I felt like people didn't see ALISSA, they only saw "THE TRIPLETS." So I began to struggle with my self esteem and my emotinal well being. I also became dependent on my sisters and couldn't imagine going to a different college from them.

But, as we got closer to graduating high school, I began to realize that I needed to find myself. I was planning to go to the same college as them, but then I toured Texas State. I fell in love with the school and decided that was where I wanted to be. Both my sisters liked Sam Houston better, so they decided to go there together. Before college, we had never been apart from each other for more than three days.

It was very hard for me in the begining to be apart from them. However, as time progressed, I became more and more comfortable with myself. I began to learn things about myself that I didn't know was there. As I apporoach my senior year, I can look back on my college experience with much graditude. Even though we were born at the same time, we look alike, and we share some of the same interest, we have our own idividuality...our own story...our own legacy that we'll leave behind...This is mine.

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